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Our Stingray Encounter and Snorkeling tour features…

Cozumel Offers the Best Stingray Experience

and Here are the reasons why...

• We offer two activities with the rays.

• Private Beach Club.

• Only 5 minutes from all cruise ship piers and Downtown

• A brief presentation in a shaded auditorium on gear safety and how to feed & touch the rays will put you at ease around them.

• The tour is designed to offer the highest level of fun, convenience and safety; unforgettable experience with rays (whose barbs have been trimmed) and low guest per guide ratio.  

• Rays are lovingly cared for in our one-acre protective enclosure – (we know they’re happy because they’re making babies). 

• Ray Encounter is ½ hr in 1’ to 4’ deep area where you handle and feed lots of friendly rays.  Our rays will kiss your palm as you feed them and let you touch their silky wings and hold them while having your picture taken. 

• Snorkel in a 9 to 18 feet deep larger area for another ½ hr with these gracious animals and a rich variety of their colorful fish friends, while your guides continue feeding them and take more pictures. (You may use your own camera, too, in the Snorkeling portion of the tour, but for the safety of the animals, not during the encounter session.) 

• After a total of 1 hr in the water with the rays, you may relax on the beach and use the facilities to shower and change clothes. 

• Additional entertainment is provided by our resident critters; green iguanas pose for pix and hermit crabs will put on a race.