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Cozumel Open Sea Snorkeling Tour

Quick Details

Adult Ages 13 and up
$700 MXN
Child Ages 7 to 12
$500 MXN
Note: this prices will be valid until April 30th 2021

Explore the Reef on a Cozumel Snorkeling Tour

Some of the most beautiful reefs in all of Cozumel are just a short boat ride away, so join us for a memorable snorkeling adventure and true Caribbean experience.

Our first stop will usually be at the Villa Blanca Reef, a wall of sponges and soft corals just waiting to be explored. Before your Cozumel snorkeling tour begins, your captain checks for where visibility is the best that day and takes you to that location. No matter where you end up, you’re sure to see an incredible array of fish, coral, sponges, and more.

After about 30 minutes of snorkeling and exploring the great variety of sea life of the area, we collect everyone and move on to the Paraiso Reef for another 30 minutes of open sea snorkeling. Here, it’s common for colorful fish to swim right up to you. You might see schools of angelfish, huge sponges, squirrelfish, and sea cucumbers, to name a few.

Finally, your boat will sail back while you enjoy a refreshing drink and a scenic ride.

So, if you want to snorkel Cozumel like a local, book this tour online today!

Please note: There is a minimum of 6 people required on the first booking of this tour.