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Chocolate Seaside Workshop & Wine Tasting

Quick Details

Person Ages 12 and up
$700 MXN
Note: this prices will be valid until April 30th 2021

Chocolate Seaside Workshop & Wine Tasting

Do you have a sweet tooth? So do we!

Enjoy the process of how Mayan chocolate is converted from pods into sweet edibles! Venture to a beautiful seaside terrace in Stingray Beach to interactive Chocolate Seaside Workshop & Wine Tasting.

With a spectacular view of the Caribbean to inspire you, you’ll learn all about the origins of chocolate and ancient Aztec and Mayan processing techniques while making your own cocoa bar. Learn how to grind the cocoa beans to make chocolate!

Ignite your palate as you discover the incredible pairing of chocolate and red wine and enjoy a chocolate martini. There is also time to visit the boutique and purchase artisan chocolate products.

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