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Everybody Loves Rays & Sharks!

Quick Details

Adult Ages 13 and up
$700 MXN
Child Ages 4 to 12
$300 MXN
Note: Note: this prices will be valid until April 30th 2021

Everybody Loves Rays & Sharks!

This stingray encounter and snorkel excursion allow you to meet, interact with, feed and hold stingrays, which have been trained to meet and interact with humans. These stingrays have had their barb clipped (it’s like a fingernail).

Before entering the one-acre enclosure, you will be given a safety briefing and issued the appropriate gear. First, you will meet the rays in waist-deep water for a 30-minute encounter where they will surround you and softly touch your legs, (much like a kitten) urging you to feed them. Allow the rays to eat out of your hand and pet their silky wings.

Then, move to the deeper part of the enclosure where, in full snorkel gear, you will be able to swim and dive for 30 minutes with stingrays, baby rays (in season), a few nurse sharks and many colorful fish in an area 4 to 18 feet deep featuring a new coral reef installation: 10 Artificial Marine Habitats with more than 800 coral.

Also enjoy the Beach Club that includes Ray’s Sand Bar, (a snack bar), photo and souvenir shop, macaws, parrots, a green gecko, and iguanas posing for pictures, hermit crab races, a massage tent, and a water trampoline.

This tour includes all snorkel gear, water shoes, personal items secured in a sealed bag, and facilities to shower at the beach club.