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Stand-Up Paddle Board & Snorkeling Excursion

Quick Details

Person Ages 10 and up
$300 MXN
Note: this prices will be valid until April 30th 2021

Paddle Board Cozumel at Stingray Beach

Enjoy an amazing 45 minutes paddling along the beautiful coastline of Stingray Beach. Soak up the feeling of standing on the water as you paddle across the blue Caribbean waters, followed by a guided snorkel into the crystal-clear waters with reef formations, a variety of tropical fish, stingrays and nurse sharks!

Your tour starts with an amazing paddle along the coastline of Stingray Beach. Take in the sights of the shore from a whole new perspective and see marine life swimming beneath you. You’ll feel like you’re walking on water.

After your paddle time, you’ll receive all necessary snorkeling equipment/instructions and follow your guide into the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean to enjoy the coral reef formations and the variety of tropical fish. The sheer varieties and vibrancy of the fish will astound you, and you’ll remember this moment for years to come.

After your water adventure, enjoy the Beach Club, with changing facilities, when you can hold and pet a macaw, and endangered green iguana and a green parrot that are native to Cozumel. You also get to enjoy our famous hermit crab race – see if your favorite wins!

And, if you still have the energy, jump onto our water trampoline where the fun continues!

Book your Cozumel paddle board and snorkel adventure online today.