We take eco-friendliness seriously.

This is the perfect excursion.

“Unlike dolphin parks which have a million different options and sometimes questionable animal treatment, this eco-park was clearly filled with folks who loved stingrays and were breeding them to return to the wild.”


We are very passionate about our animals. Our people working here do so mainly out of a love for the environment and doing good for it.

And, we sincerely view our enclosure here at Stingray Beach not as a prison for these animals, but as a sanctuary, because we know we are protecting them from their natural predators and, even more importantly, we know we are learning more and more about them and discovering ways to further enhance their survival as a species.

We also are able to see their lack of stress by their appetites and the number of babies they are producing. We are returning to the wild as many as 35 rays a year.

But, we consider our sanctuary a great place not just for our Rays, but also for our Nurse Sharks, our Macaws, our Iguanas, Parrots, Geckos and even our Hermit Crabs.